Thursday, December 1, 2011

More childhood drawings by me!

The Challenger tragedy really affected me as a schoolboy. This is a drawing that I did shortly after the explosion. You can see guts and body parts falling back to Earth. I didn't have a gruesome obsession with it or anything and I don't remember feeling a special attraction towards the nastiness of it. I was just being a kid who was oblivious to the human tragedy side of it. I just drew some innocent drawing that would get kids sent home in a police car nowadays. It was a totally normal drawing for a young boy. Or so my psychiatrist keeps insisting. 

I have always been fascinated with lighting too. To this day it is hard to stay indoors during a storm and not go outside running around with my hands up in the air screaming with joy.

I've always had a bad feeling that aliens were watching me through open windows. Again, my psychiatrist says this is normal too. (Then why are his windows always shut!?) Sadly I wasn't so young when I drew this one. I was thirteen. This was about the dozenth time I drew a similar situation in my life.