Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Internet Needed Another Short Arm T-rex Comic

This is my most ''viral'' cartoon to date. Heck, it's my most ''viral'' anything to date, technologically speaking! Mr. George Takei simply shared it on his Facebook and his rabid fans instantly spread it all over www world (world wide web world?!). I was absolutely ecstatic by its exposure and heck, three years later, I still am!
a t-rex can't reach the push button if youre sick of cartoonists making fun of short t-rex arms
And yes, I know Tyrannosaurus Rex only had two fingers. I've been advised!
And no, he can't just jump and hit it with his snout!

A Poem Called, "Keys"

This is a poem I wrote about my little son playing piano:

The correct notes played,
     the little mistakes.
               Straight back
Hands raised

Filling our house with rag,
now it’s classical,
now it’s jazz.
Now it’s something he made up.

All the players
the world has seen,
With these same notes,
These same keys,
And he makes something up -
       something brand new,
heretofore unheard.

An ocean finding a new way to wave.
An apple falling like never before.

It’s all black and white rectangles to me.
But to him,
this eight year old boy,
it makes sense.

-Derrick G. Wood
August 2017