Thursday, March 25, 2021

An Art Called Bananabalism

A funny hand drawn comic of a banana eating a banana and the word bananabalism underneath it by derrick g wood

 So, this one was a bit of a group effort. My fellow humorist eight-year-old daughter asked me, "If a banana slug ate a that cannibalism?" I immediately knew that had to be on a t-shirt. I changed the idea slightly (with her approval), added the word, ''Cannibalism" to it, then showed it to my friend, Andy. He immediately said, "No, dude... it needs to say bananabalism.'' I knew he was right for sure, made the changes, and here it is. I'm very happy with it and am actually wearing the shirt as I type this. You can get the shirt (or sticker, mug etc) HERE if you so chose to send me money which I promise not to use on drugs, alcohol, or Tom Cruise movies.