Thursday, June 17, 2021

A Few Limericks

 I know that the word, 'Limerick' is usually associated with short little rhymes about sex or large male body parts, but I came up with a few to amuse my children. So these are a few family friendly (according to my values at least) limericks that I made up:

There one was a man named Barry Berrymore

Who fell off a cliff and was very sore

He took a turn for the worse

Wound up in a hearse

Now they must bury Barry Berrymore.


There once was a juggler named Lout

A club juggling wizard, no doubt

The only issue was,

Whenever he does

The bowling alley has to kick him out.


There once was a man named Wong

Whose beard was three meters long

But whenever he skis

His beard would freeze

And that icicle drags him along.


There once was a man named Wesley

Who looked just like Elvis Presley

The only problem being,

He really hated, "The King"

So now he, er...she, goes by Leslie.